Responsible Care in Waste Management



Environmental Program:
Training Programs:
  • Vacuum Trucks
  • Drum Trucks
  • Power Washer Trucks

Environmental Compliance:

  •        We offer to all our clients expert knowledge and understanding of federal, provincial and municipal legislation and guidelines in order to promote compliance.

  •               Our staff members can provide sound consultation in order to help meet the requirements as mandated under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) and the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act (TDGA) with respect to the registration, storage, transport, disposal, classification and packaging of wastes.

  •              The removal of storage tanks, particularly those which are underground, and/or those which have shown signs of failure (leaking), are regulated by various acts, regulations and guidelines. Our experts will ensure that all reporting requirements, testing requirements and disposal requirements are met. A written report, outlining the removal is provided to the client for their records.

  •               Our team of experts can offer consultation relating to waste water discharges, with respect to regional and provincial acts, guidelines and by-laws. Directions offered to clients in order to enable them to select the appropriate water treatment, disposal and/or process adjustments so that the discharge criteria can be met.

  •         Please note that many of our services respecting environmental compliance issues are provided free of charge to regular clients of Provincial Environmental Services.