Responsible Care in Waste Management



Environmental Program:
Training Programs:
  • Vacuum Trucks
  • Drum Trucks
  • Power Washer Trucks

Emergency Spill Response and Clean-up:

Provincial environmental Services Inc. has personnel specifically trained in all aspects of Emergency Spill Response and Clean-up. This ESRC services include:

  • Trained staff available "24/7" for handling of emergency situations to effectively remediate all types of spills, including those within a building, on land and into water. Spills, leaks and discharges during transportation can be safely and effectively remediate by our trained staff. Our technicians and chemists are also available "24/7" to clean up spills, leaks and any other discharges which occur within a building or which have migrated to the exterior. Our capabilities include the clean-up, and disposal of spill materials of virtually all descriptions, including oils sludges, acids, alkaline materials, paints, solvents, waste water, and solutions containing chemicals. Included in this service are the preparation of all associated paperwork and the notification of appropriate government agencies. A representative from our facility will advise the company of its responsibilities under the various acts and regulations.